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IR coatings at here mean coatings for infrared region in 2.5μm(2500nm)-16μm. There is a big difference in selection of materials and fabrication techniques between IR coatings and near infrared coatings. They are mainly used in industrial and medical laser equipments such as CO2 laser, Er:YAG laser, CO and HF lasers.

High energy CO2 laser coatings (10.6μm)

>ZnSe/GaAs lens
AR R<0.2%
note: Ge use low energy laser

>ZnSe/GaAs Windows
PR/HT 20%-98%/T>99%
note: Ge use low energy laser

>Si/Cu substrate total Reflectors
Enhanced Au/Ag Reflectors
note: BK7 substrate use low energy laser

Er:YAG Coatings (2.94μm)

>CaF2/Sapphire Crystal lens
AR/AR R<0.2%

>CaF2/Sapphire Crystal Windows
PR/AR 20%-98%/R<0.2%

>BK7/CaF2/Sapphire Substrate mirror
HR R>99%

Infrared Imaging system

>Silicon Lens:AR/AR T>98% 3.5-5μm
T>60% 7.5-11.5μm
note: Oxide Free Si has high absorbtion in 7.5-11.5μm, but the materials is very cheap, so it can use Infrared Imaging System instead of Ge/ZnS/ZnSe materials.

>MgF2 Windows
AR/AR 3.5-4.8μm T>95%

>ZnSe/ZnS/Ge Substrate Lens:AR/AR
T>98% 3.5-5.5μm
T>97% 7.5-11.5μm

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