Reverse Engineering

Many of our clients over the years have needed a deeper understanding of the optical design of their products, instruments, and optical systems. If for some reason they do not have the optical or opto-mechanical drawings, they will not know the optical prescription, critical layout, or opto-mechanical design parameters in order to make improvements. This is where our reverse optical engineering service can help you meet your needs in determining the optical or opto-mechanical prescription or layout.
Our Expertise can solve your optical engineering problems:

  • Optical design and analysis
  • Optical fabrication
  • Optical assembly and optical system alignment
  • Optical coating design, analysis, and fabrication
  • Opto-mechanical design and analysis
  • Optical system test equipment design and analysis
  • High precision optical alignment and optical assembly
  • A passion and persistence for high precision measurement and analysis


Reverse Engineering Program Flow


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