System Integration

Optical integrating is our unique in-depth optical design service available for custom applications whether existing or under development. Based on customer’s initial expectation of their system, Shanghai Optics’ optical and mechanical engineers are experienced to collaborate evaluating current elements/sub-assembly design, to determine feasibility and possibility of integration.

Through our decades of system level application design and fabrication experiences and skills, our engineers always provide the most cost effective and producible integration solutions without compromising imaging quality or system performance.

It is imperative that the system level integration concept is upheld at the very beginning stage when your project gets started.  Considering your system’s imaging (or non-imaging) criteria, Shanghai Optics’ designers are qualified to nominate the most appropriate elements mix by conducting a thorough simulation coupled with a tolerance analysis, in order to achieve the original performance goals with your system using our agreed feasible manufacturing promise. Monte Carlo analysis also can be conducted to further indicate your system’s manufacturability attributes. This verification process is continuous until a satisfying result is met.

Mechanical integration also plays a significant role in your project. Once the optical layout is defined by the process described above, lens elements will be mounted into a mechanical housing. It is critical to determine the correct lens-mounting techniques by using retainer rings, spacers or a combination thereof. For systems which are highly tilt/centering sensitive, unique mounting/integrating techniques will be applied, such as Copper barrel precision mounting.

With such practical concepts and techniques, Shanghai Optics’ understands the key drivers that will leverage system performance; more importantly, our know-how and methodology escorts your final outcome.

At last, integration testing and evaluation activities are implemented in house. Shanghai Optics’ state-of-the-art metrology capability enables quantitative inspection on almost every parameter of the assembly parts we produce, such as resolution, MTF, contrast, distortion, etc.


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