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Shanghai Optics provides two types of Micro Prisms: Penta Prism and Right Angle Prism. These two prisms are widely used in fiber optical communication applications, specifically in the heart of optical switches. Examples of these applications include Circulator, Interleaver, and MEMS.






Micro Penta Prism

General Specifications
 Material: BK7 Grade A optical glass
 90 degree Deviation Tolerance:Standard series: <30 arc seconds
Precision series: <10 arc seconds
 Flatness:Standard series: l/2 at 632.8 nm
Precision series: l/4 at 632.8 nm
 Reflectivity: R > 95% per face from @1550 nm
 Surface Quality: 40-20 scratch and dig
 Working Wavelength: 1310, 1550, 1590 nm







Micro Right-Angle Prisms

General Specifications
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0, -0.2 mm
Clear Aperture: >80%
Flatness: l/2 l @632.8 nm
Surface Quality: 60-40 scratch and dig
Reflectivity: R>95% per face @ center wavelength
Working Wavelength: 1310, 1550, 1590 mm
Bevel: 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm

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