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Choosing high quality colored optical glass for material, utilizing processing, we fabricate filter. Its coated surface and its specific spectral characteristic can meet your all kinds of demands. There are three kinds of filter (white-black, color and specific application), 40 types in our factory with the size of M46, M49, M52,M58 and so on. Please contact us to discuss special requirements you may have.


Glass-Filter Types Table

Name Type Name Type Name Type
Sky-light filter KSY Fluorescent filer FL Six-star-light filter LX
UV filter UV Enhanced color filter EC Six-star-light filter BX
Amber color temperature filter 85A Low contrast filter LC Changeable crossing filter KS
Blue color temperature filter 80B Polarized light filter PL Two-image filter DY-2F
Yellow filter Y Screen filter SN Three-image filter DY-3F
Red filter R Mist filter(five classes) W-0,1,2,3,4 Four-image filter DY-4F
Orange filter O Crossing filter SZ Five-image filter DY-5F
Green filter G Meter filter MZ Six-image filter DY-6F
Planar three-image filter DY-3PF Planar six-image filter DY-6PF Yellow hole-filter ZK-J
Rainbow filter CH Green hole-filter ZK-L Red hole-filter ZK-H
Mild hole-filter(light) ZK-R1 Light grey hole-filter ZK-A3 Neutral grey hole-filter ZK-A6
Mild hole-filter(thick ) ZK-R2

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