Optical Glass Filter

Choosing high quality colored optical glass for material, utilizing processing, we fabricate filter. Its coated surface and its specific spectral characteristic can meet your all kinds of demands. There are three kinds of filter (white-black, color and specific application), 40 types in our factory with the size of M46, M49, M52,M58 and so on. Please contact us to discuss special requirements you may have.


Glass-Filter Types Table

Sky-light filterKSYFluorescent filerFLSix-star-light filterLX
UV filterUVEnhanced color filterECSix-star-light filterBX
Amber color temperature filter85ALow contrast filterLCChangeable crossing filterKS
Blue color temperature filter80BPolarized light filterPLTwo-image filterDY-2F
Yellow filterYScreen filterSNThree-image filterDY-3F
Red filterRMist filter(five classes)W-0,1,2,3,4Four-image filterDY-4F
Orange filterOCrossing filterSZFive-image filterDY-5F
Green filterGMeter filterMZSix-image filterDY-6F
Planar three-image filterDY-3PFPlanar six-image filterDY-6PFYellow hole-filterZK-J
Rainbow filterCHGreen hole-filterZK-LRed hole-filterZK-H
Mild hole-filter(light)ZK-R1Light grey hole-filterZK-A3Neutral grey hole-filterZK-A6
Mild hole-filter(thick )ZK-R2


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