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Shanghai Optics is a custom optics manufacturer with over 55 years of optics manufacturing experience. We offer custom made Precision Reflector according to customer’s specifications.

These mirrors are used for laser beam concentration and quality imaging. They can also be used to improve the light output from projection and illumination systems. All spherical mirrors have a focal length equal to half their radius of curvature. The front concave spherical section is polished on a BK7 substrate and then coated with aluminum and MgF2.

Standard sizes are 1 and 2 inch with a wide range of curvatures from 50mm to 4m. Other diameters, diameters greater than 100mm, and other radii of curvature are also available.

Key Features

  • Chromatic aberration free for concentrating, collecting, and imaging applications
  • Aluminum over coated with MgF2 for high durability
  • Polished rear surface for easy mounting
  • Standard diameters from 25 to 100mm

Factory Standard

  • Spherical tolerance: λ/4
  • Diameter: +0, -0.2mm
  • Surface quality: 40-20
  • Clear aperture: >90% diameter
  • Radius of curvature: +2%
  • Bevel: 0.2mmx45°typical
  • Thickness: +0.2mm
  • Material: BK7
  • Durability: to MIL-C-675

Reflectance: R>85% (350-1550nm)

Contact us for manufacturing limit or custom specifications.


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