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Shanghai Optic’s FAQs can help answer any questions you may have or you can use our site to access more information. For immediate assistance, contact us at 732-321-6915 to speak to one of our representatives.

Shanghai Optics is a leading Chinese optics manufacturer and design house with a long-standing history of excellence in the Photonics industry, our main products include lens designs, assemblies and optical components. We serve OEM customers in biotech, pharmaceutical, security, defense and research industries worldwide.

SO specializes in DFM (Design for Manufacturing) input with a proven track record of design and manufacturing optimization that results in significant savings for our customers.

With over 50 years of experience in optical components, lens design, engineering and assembly, Shanghai Optics is becoming one of the best optics suppliers in terms of quality and technical capability in China's Photonics industry. Additionally, for over 16 years our US Headquarters is the center of our operations with a reputable and successful Sales and Sales Support team. We are established professionals with many years of business experience in the U.S. We have the capabilities and experience to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing custom optics delivered on time with the highest quality, second to none customer service with cost-effective solutions.

Our Sales Team is experienced and knowledgeable – an added value to our customers by identifying what is important to various customers and offering solutions for their product's designs or needs. Our team is very passionate, dedicated, and committed to establishing relationships and working with PhDs, researchers, engineers, scientists in the field of Defense, Security, Industrial, Aerospace, Bioengineering, and Pharmaceutical Industries worldwide.

We have the capabilities and expertise to ensure our products are delivered on time with the highest quality at competitive prices. We are established professionals with many years of business experience in the U.S. and Chinese optics industries. Over the years, we have supplied customers worldwide with quality optics that have resulted in remarkable savings for them. Let us do the same for you!

Shanghai Optics has three key product line, design, assembly and components.

  • Design services (imaging, illumination and opto-mechanical systems) for all optical applications,
  • Assemblies, High precision lens system assembly services that covers visible to UV & IR wavelengths.
  • Optical Components

We have a fully integrated precision optical manufacturing center capable of fabricating window, spherical, aspherical and cylindrical optics for OEM applications. We utilize a wide range of optical manufacturing technologies to create standard and custom optical elements, imaging systems, and sub-assemblies. Some of the custom optical component examples are as follows:

High precision optical components such as Achromatic lenses and Aspheric lenses, Cylindrical lenses, Windows, Mirrors, Prisms, Beamsplitters, Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors and all other custom shape optics.

Substrates include B270, BK7, Borofloat, Filter glass (all types and brands), Fused Quartz, Fused Silica, Crystalline Quartz, Optical Glass (Schott, Ohara, CDGM glass), Pyrex, Zerodur, Sapphire and assorted IR materials (ZnSe, ZnS, Silicon, Germanium, CaF2, MgF2).

We produce various coatings from UV, Visible, NIR, SWIR and LWIR wavelength range, range from single layer and multi-layer anti-reflection, filter, polarizing to metallic coatings.

All of our products are custom made to customer's specifications.

Our optics manufacturing and assembly teams are qualified to handle special requests from design, lens assemblies to optical components.

Shanghai Optics is capable of producing custom optics that exceeds the specifications of most catalog products. Feel free to consult with our sales engineers for additional information.

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We strive for balance between lead time and cost effectiveness to create the highest quality part for our customers. There are many factors that can affect lead time such as, complexity, materials, size, quantity, if assembly is needed, and nature of tooling requirements etc. Therefore, lead time can vary for each order.

Generally, it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Usually for new orders, standard lead-time is about 4-6 weeks. For repeat orders, the lead-time can be sharply reduced to 2 weeks.

The actual lead-time can be negotiated at the time of order. Please check with your sales engineers for additional information.

We use FedEx for all of our international shipments; the standard delivery time is 2-3 business days.

At Shanghai Optics, we strive to ensure your shipment will arrive on time in a prompt manner. We provide a tracking number with a shipping notice as soon as the order is shipped to help you keep informed of the shipping status of your order.

If an Expedited Delivery is requested at the time of order, our team will assess our ability to meet the delivery. This includes verifying the availability of optical materials, workforce availability and technical requirements. If an expedited delivery is ordered, an acknowledgement will be sent within 24 hours.

If you have any parts that need quotation, please e-mail ( or fax (732-875-0298) with the following information:

  • Purchasing Contact Information
    • First and Last Name
    • Telephone & FAX Numbers
    • E-mail Address
  • Technical Contact Information
    • First and Last Name
    • Telephone & FAX Numbers
    • E-mail Address
  • Manufacturing drawings (CAD or Zemax files)
  • Quantities of interest
  • Preferred delivery schedule

We will process your request immediately.

We look forward to working with you to meet all your optical needs, now and in the future!


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