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Why Shanghai Optics?
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Reverse Engineering a Lens

Reverse Engineering a Lens

Why Shanghai Optics?

Why Shanghai Optics? - Leading Custom Optics Design Manufacturer

How to Source Optics from Asia Pacific Region

How to Source Optics from Asia Pacific Region

Shanghai Optics - Virtual Factory Tour

Take a Virtual tour of our factory.

Shanghai Optics Lens Assembly and Metrology

A look at Shanghai Optics Custom Lens product lines and our assembly process.



How to Choose the Right Microscope Objective

How to Choose the Right Microscope Objective

Introduction to Microscope Objectives

Introduction to Microscope Objectives

Fisheye Lens

Fisheye Lens

Optical Lens Assembly process

Engineers designing high resolution lens systems...

Single Point Diamond Turning Process Capability

Our Single Point Diamond Turning Process is one of many capabilities we have at our factory. With this process,we have the ability to produce superior optical surface finishes and fabricate high quality components.

Custom Optical Assembly and Mechanical Assembly Process

This is the process of our optical mechanical body assembly...

Ultrasonic Optical Lens Cleaning Procedure

Every step in Shanghai Optics is critical to ensure highest quality of product...

Automatic Edging Using Customized SIDAI SPCM M1

With the Sidai SPCM-M1 , shanghai optics are capable of producing high precision concentric lens components...

Inspection of Optical Components with Leading Optical Manufacturer

This showcase the various stage of optical lens inspection at Shanghai Optics. From optical coating inspection to multiple stage inspection by optical engineers, Shanghai Optics will provide you with the best results in manfacturing your custom optics...

Optical Engineers

Optical Engineers Working at Shanghai Optics...

Aspheric Lens Manufacturing Process

The optical engineers at shanghai optics showcases the manufacturing process of making the Aspheric Lens.

Sapphire Window Production

Custom-made sizes and coating material for Sapphire optical windows...

Spherical Polishing on Optical Surfaces

State of the art spherical polishing techniques...

Automatic Optical Lens Edge Blackening

Automatic lens edge blackening give the optic the ability to reduce stray lights...

Inside look at Optical Design Engineers

Top Optical Design Engineers can develop optical systems...

Optical Lens Coating Machinery and Process

Shanghai Optics can provide all types of anti-reflective, high reflective, and partial reflective coatings...

Custom Objective Lens Assembly

An inside look at Shanghai Optics' Custom Objective Lens Assembly Process.

Custom Infrared (IR) Objective Lens Assembly

A look at Shanghai Optics' Custom Infrared (IR) Objective Lens Assembly Process.

NIR Objective Lens Assembly

A close up view of NIR Objective Lens Assembly at Shanghai Optics Inc.

Lens Centration and Alignment

Lens Centration and Alignment

Plastic/Polymer Optics

Learn more about Plastic/Polymer Optics

Lens Resolution Testing using Reverse Projection

Reverse projection is often used to speed up the lens testing process in high volume production.

Lens Grinding & Polishing

An inside look at Lens Grinding and Polishing at Shanghai Optics.

Diamond turning, CNC machining & Metrology

A glimpse of our manufacturing and metrology equipment

Freeform Optics Manufacturing

Nanotech 250 UPL

Rapid Optical Prototyping

Reducing custom optical product life-cycles and delivering true rapid prototyping

Medical Optics Introduction

Optics is playing a key role in nearly every modern diagnostic advancement and devices that rely on optics are extensively used for medical research, diagnostics, and treatment.

Cylindrical Lens Testing

A step by step video showing a cylindrical lens being tested


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