Broadband Polarizing Beamsplitter

Shanghai Optics is as one of the leading optics components manufacturers from China. These thin film cube Beamsplitters combine the excellent characteristics of the Laser Polarizing Beamsplitters previously described with the advantage of broadband application. The polarizing film is fully protected within the cube making them durable and convenient to use.

Three wavebands have been chosen to cover most general applications: 450-680 covers the visible spectrum and a wide selection of laser wavelengths, 650-850 covers most visible range diode lasers and 1300-1600 covers most telecommunications band diode lasers. Although these Polarizers will work well over the entire broadband specified they are manufactured to laser performance standards.
Factory Standard – Contact us for manufacturing limit or custom specifications.

  • Material: Schott, Ohara, CDGM Optical Glass, Corning fused silica, JGS1, JGS2
  • Surface flatness: λ/4
  • Dimensions: +0.1 mm
  • Beam deviation: < 5 arcmin
  • Surface quality: 40-20
  • Extinction ratio: 100:1

Coating: Broadband Anti-Reflection coating on faces


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