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Fixed Focal Length Lenses Overview


At Shanghai Optics we manufacture high quality Fixed Focal Length Lenses that provide sharp, clear imagery in high resolution and with minimal optical distortion. The quality construction that characterizes each of our imaging lenses ensures they will perform consistently over a wide range of conditions, and they are appropriate for use in industry, research, and security applications.
Our extensive selection includes a full range of fixed focal lenses for of 2/3”, 1”, and 4/3” sensor formats, and a special high resolution range optimized for 43.4mm sensor format. Each of our lenses have a focusing range from 1 meter or less to infinity, and certain of our Fixed Focal Length Lenses are designed to focus from a working distance of as short as 50 mm. They are designed to provide clear imagery from the center to the corner of the field. Our lenses can be used with either CCD or CMOS cameras.

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Applications of Fixed Focal Length Lenses


Fixed Focal Length Lenses are the optical eye of robotic vision systems, and industrial machine vision lenses have important applications in quality control as well as in measurement systems, process control, and robot guidance. Fixed Focal length Lenses are commonly used in Machine Vision Lenses. Consistent, reliable performance is a basic requirement of industrial machine vision lenses.



In research and medical imagery, machine vision lenses are playing an increasingly important role. Fixed Focal Length Lenses have opened up enormous new horizons in medical diagnostics, where they provide a picture of what goes on beyond the reach of the human eye as well as provide computerized analysis of potential problem areas. In research, computer vision allows the recording and analysis of enormous amounts of data, opening up the limits of human knowledge in novel ways. The use of multiple machine vision systems, often with different optical restrains and capabilities, also allows for multiple perspectives on a situation.
Fixed Focal Length Lenses also play a key role in surveillance systems, whether that is in providing high resolution footage of large areas or basic coverage of grocery store aisles. In defense, space exploration, and conservation, machine vision has become essential for even basic functions.


Shanghai Optics Fixed Focal Length Lenses

Our lineup of imaging lenses, designed to focus the image of a particular object onto a camera sensor, are carefully engineered for maximum flexibility and image quality. Compact size and ruggedized models are available for situations where space is at a premium or where the optic must be used in harsh environments. Whether you need bulk quantities of 2/3” c-mount lenses for factory automation or a highly specialized high resolution lens that provides maximum performance for medical research or space exploration, we are able to work with you to achieve what you need.
Our 50+ years of experience in the optics industry and state of the art manufacturing and testing equipment ensures that every lens which leaves our factory not only exhibits an industry leading price to performance ratio but also fully meets all applicable standards. Please contact us for more information about our machine vision lenses or to speak to our engineers about a custom order.


In Stock Fixed Focal Length Lenses


2/3″ 3MP Lenses

Model Lens Name Maximum Sensor Format Resolution Focal Length(mm) Aperture Mount Filter Thread Focusing Range
SO-FFL23-2M1214 12mmF1.4 2/3″ 2/3″ 3MP 12 f/1.4 C M30.5*0.5 0.15m – ∞
SO-FFL23-2M1614 16mmF1.4 2/3″ 2/3″ 3MP 16 f/1.4 C M30.5*0.5 0.30m – ∞
SO-FFL23-2M2514 25mmF1.4 2/3″ 2/3″ 3MP 25 f/1.4 C M30.5*0.5 0.25m – ∞
SO-FFL23-2M3514 35mmF1.4 2/3″ 2/3″ 3MP 35 f/1.4 C M30.5*0.5 0.30m – ∞
SO-FFL23-2M5018 50mmF1.4 2/3″ 2/3″ 3MP 50 f/1.8 C M30.5*0.5 0.50m – ∞

2/3″ 10MP Lenses

Model Lens Name Maximum Sensor Format Resolution Focal Length(mm) Aperture Mount Filter Thread Focusing Range
SO-FFL-GY026B00 8mmF2.0 2/3″ 2/3″ 10MP 8 f/2.0 – f/22 C M37*0.5 0.10m – ∞
SO-FFL-GY022B00 12mmF1.8 2/3″ 2/3″ 10MP 12 f/1.8 – f/22 C M30.5*0.5 0.10m – ∞
SO-FFL-H62C-0947 16mmF2.0 2/3″ 2/3″ 10MP 16 f/2.0 – f/22 C M34*0.5 0.20m – ∞
SO-FFL-GY023B00 25mmF1.8 2/3″ 2/3″ 10MP 25 f/1.8 – f/22 C M30.5*0.5 0.15m – ∞
SO-FFL-GY024B00 35mmF2.0 2/3″ 2/3″ 10MP 35 f/2.0 – f/22 C M30.5*0.5 0.20m – ∞
SO-FFL-GY020B00 50mmF2.4 2/3″ 2/3″ 10MP 50 f/2.4 – f/22 C M4*0.5 0.20m – ∞

1″ 8MP Lenses

Model Lens Name Maximum Sensor Format Resolution Focal Length(mm) Aperture Mount Filter Thread Focusing Range
SO-FFL-BC1-8M0820 8mmF2. 0 1″ 1″ 10MP 8 f/2.0 – f/22 C None 0.05m – ∞
SO-FFL-BC1-8M1216 12mmF1.6 1″ 1″ 10MP 12 f/1.6 – f/22 C None 0.2m – ∞
SO-FFL-BC1-8M1616 16mmF1.6 1″ 1″ 10MP 16 f/1.6 – f/22 C M37.5*0.5 1.0m – ∞
SO-FFL-BC1-8M2516 25mmF1.6 1″ 1″ 10MP 25 f/1.6 – f/22 C M39*0.5 1.0m – ∞
SO-FFL-BC1-8M3516 35mmF1.6 1″ 1″ 10MP 35 f/1.6 – f/22 C M39*0.5 1.0m – ∞

4/3″ 12MP Lenses

Model Lens Name Maximum Sensor Format Resolution Focal Length(mm) Aperture Mount Filter Thread Focusing Range
SO-FFL43-12M0828 8mmF2.8 4/3″ 4/3″ 12MP 8 f/2.8 – f/22 C TBD 0.25m – ∞
SO-FFL43-12M1220 12mmF2.0 4/3″ 4/3″ 12MP 12 f/2.0 – f/22 C TBD 0.15m – ∞
SO-FFL43-12M1620 16mmF2.0 4/3″ 4/3″ 12MP 16 f/2.0 – f/22 C M58*0.75 0.1m – ∞
SO-FFL43-12M2520 25mmF2.0 4/3″ 4/3″ 12MP 25 f/2.0 – f/22 C M46*0.75 0.15m – ∞
SO-FFL43-12M3522 35mmF2.2 4/3″ 4/3″ 12MP 35 f/2.2 – f/22 C TBD 0.2m – ∞
SO-FFL43-12M5022 50mmF2.2 4/3″ 4/3″ 12MP 50 f/2.2 – f/22 C TBD 0.3m – ∞
SO-FFL43-12M6520 65mmF2.0 4/3″ 4/3″ 12MP 65 f/2.0 – f/22 C TBD 0.3m – ∞

Large Format F-mount Lenses

Model Lens Name 35mm Sensor Format Diagonal Resolution Focal Length(mm) Aperture Mount Filter Thread Focusing Range
SO-FFL35F-29M2420 24mmF2.0 Full Frame 43.4mm 29MP 24 f/2.0 – f/22 F TBD 0.3m – ∞
SO-FFL35F-29M3520 35mmF2.0 Full Frame 43.4mm 29MP 35 f/2.0 – f/22 F TBD 0.4m – ∞
SO-FFL35F-29M5020 50mmF2.0 Full Frame 43.4mm 29MP 50 f/2.0 – f/22 F TBD 0.5m – ∞
SO-FFL35F-29M8520 85mmF2.0 Full Frame 43.4mm 29MP 85 f/2.0 – f/22 F TBD 0.7m – ∞

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