Copper and Aluminum Mirrors

Copper is a popular material for making infrared mirrors.  The material itself has high thermal conductivity,high heat capacity and it has a natural reflectivity when it is in the polished uncoated state.  Most copper mirrors are generally used with a coating to improve durability and reflectivity.    Aluminum Mirrors are widely used in many optical systems. Bare aluminum mirrors are very susceptible to damages on the surface.   That is why a special coating is layered onto the aluminum to enhance the durability of the mirror.  In addition to the improved surface, the coating will also maintain a high quality reflectance which is preferred in many applications.

Optical Mirror Manufacturing Process:

Single Point Diamond Turning(SPDT) is a manufacturing technique for producing off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors, off-axis elliptical (OAE) mirrors, freeform surface mirrors, and other precision metal optical components. Off-axis focusing mirrors are aberration-free across a broadband wavelength range, making them ideal for use in instrumentation and laser systems.

Shanghai Optics offers build-to-print or custom capabilities to meet your application needs. Whether standard or custom, our expert optical design and diamond turning staff can develop customized solutions incorporating custom sizes and shapes, a variety of metal mirror coatings, or other custom modifications. Our diamond turning experts are experienced at optimizing designs for cost-effective manufacturing.  Contact SO today to speak with our experts to receive the quote.

Shanghai Optic Product and Service offering:

SO Offers oxygen free high conductivity copper (OFHC) mirror or aluminum alloy mirror. The mounting interface is designed with kinematic and flexure features. Kinematic design will allow you to replace the mirror with great precision without repetitive alignment. Flexure design will eliminate the deformation caused by the mounting surface.

A special cooling channel can be designed into the back of the mirror to allow efficient removal ing of heat that is generated in a high power laser system. The cooling channel design can be optimized with finite element analysis for the best performance.

•  Precision engineered mirror mount is also available for application convenience and optimum performance.

•  Normal and vacuum environment versions are available for all mirrors and mirror mounts.

•  Complete system can be designed per customer’s request.

•  Optics system design, component fabrication, and system integration are available as a fully integrated service.

•  Automated system is also available to the customer in both normal and vacuum environment.

Mirror Type:

•  High Precision Optical Flats

•  Toroidal Mirror

•  Off-Axis Parabolic

•  Asphere

•  Axicon

•  Freeform Optics

•  Integrated Beam Shaping Mirrors


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