Ultra-Broadband Metallic Mirrors

Shanghai Optics is a custom optics manufacturer with over 55 years of optics manufacturing experience. We supply high precision Ultra-Broadband Metallic Mirrors according to customers’ specifications. These mirrors provide a high reflectance over a very broad spectral bandwidth. They are manufactured by coating first with a reflective metal film and then with a dielectric overcoat for protection and enhancement of the reflectivity.

Coatings offered include aluminum, silver and gold. Each has a different spectral characteristic as shown in the curves. Aluminum provides a good general purpose visible range mirror. Silver has a very high reflectance over the visible and near infra-red range and gold is the preferred coating for infra-red applications at wavelengths greater than 2 microns.

Key Features

  • High reflectance over a broad spectral range
  • Enhanced reflectance in the visible range
  • Effective over wide angles of incidence
  • Standard diameters from 12.7 to 50.4mm

Factory Standard – Contact us for manufacturing limit or custom specifications.

  • Surface flatness: Lambda/4
  • Diameter: +0, -0.2mm
  • Surface quality: 20-10
  • Parallelism: < 0.3arcmin Thickness: +0.1mm Clear aperture: >90% diameter
  • Bevel: 0.2mm x 45° typical
  • Material: BK7, grade A
  • Laser damage threshold: 0.5J/cm2 for 10ns pulse
  • Durability: to MIL-C-675


Ultra-Broadband Metallic Mirrors

Part NumberTypeReflectanceWavelength RangeDiameter, DThickness, T
Enhanced Aluminum
Enhanced Aluminum
Enhanced Aluminum
Enhanced Aluminum
033-4440Enhanced Aluminum>94.0av400-7000.512.75
033-4450Enhanced Aluminum>94.0av400-7000.7519.15
033-4460Enhanced Aluminum>94.0av400-700125.45
033-4470Enhanced Aluminum>94.0av400-700250.88
033-4540Enhanced Silver>96.0av400-7000.512.75
033-4550Enhanced Silver>96.0av400-7000.7519.75
033-4560Enhanced Silver>96.0av400-700125.45
033-4570Enhanced Silver>96.0av400-700250.88
033-4640Protected Gold>96.0av650-IR0.512.75
033-4650Protected Gold>96.0av650-IR0.7519.15
033-4660Protected Gold>96.0av650-IR17.75
033-4670Protected Gold>96.0av650-IR225.48


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