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Are you looking for a reliable partner in optical lens designs? Do you need custom optics designed for manufacturability? Shanghai Optics has a strong engineering team with deep knowledge of optical design and manufacturing process. We service companies from a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, biomedical, life science, industrial, consumer and defense. We invite you to work with us to move your optical products to market as quickly as possible with the lowest cost.

[Inside look at Optical Design Engineers]

Our Top Optical Design Engineers can develop optical systems that will cater to your specifications.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Optical Design

We offer ODM optical design service. Many of our customers need us to provide design support and manufacturing of lenses while retaining their own branding. For example, a home planetarium projector manufacturer came to us with a request to reverse engineer a high-quality projection lens. Our engineering team went beyond just re-creating the lens and created one with even better optical performance. Our customer retained the branding and successfully brought the enhanced projector to market.

Optical Lenses Designed for Manufacturing

When designing optical components, it’s not enough to only make the prototype work. Every optical solution should do more than just meet the specifications and function-it has to meet feasibility criteria for production quantity. When you select a company for optical design, it pays to work with someone who understands not only design but manufacturability. Shanghai Optics is great in optical lens designs, but most important, we are an optical manufacturer. Our engineers use the right lens design process with the knowledge of manufacturing process and limitations and cost.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Optics Design

Are you an OEM in need of optics design assistance? We can help you optimize your lens design for manufacturability (DFM) and make your lens product more feasible and affordable for production quantities. Our DFM input will cover material selection, tolerance and performance analysis, etc. You’ll have a design product with clear specifications and low manufacturing cost for meeting your customer’s objectives without over-engineering.

The Shanghai Optics Advantage for Optical Lens Design

Our optical engineers understand your need to design products that meet or exceed requirements and can be made cost-effectively. We look forward to partnering with you and ask the right questions to develop an optical design feasibility study, as well as estimates for prototype and volume production. Contact us today for your free consultation.

  • Free consultation and preliminary feasibility study
  • Professional DFM (design for manufacturing) for economical production
  • Both rapid prototyping and volume production capabilities
  • Local support from offices around the country
  • Top quality with competitive pricing


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