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Wide Angle Lens from Shanghai Optics

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A wide angle lens is an optical lens designed especially with a short focal length and a wide field of view.  Wide angle lenses enable cameras to have a large angle of view for capturing much more of the scene or background information than normal lenses.  They are widely used in camera systems for a variety of applications including machine vision, intelligent transportation systems and security.  They also have applications in sport and exercise filming, medical imaging & life science research.  Shanghai Optics manufactures a variety of wide angle zoom lenses and wide angle prime lenses including super wide angle lenses for high quality camera applications.  Shanghai Optics’ wide angle lens products include wide angle M12 lenses designed for small sensor format applications, wide angle c-mount lenses that are designed for 2/3” sensor applications, and wide angle large f-mount lenses designed for large format sensor applications.

A standard lens has a focal length of 50mm and a field of view of 46 degrees for a full frame sensor camera which has an image size of 36mm X 24mm.  Generally the focal length of a wide-angle lens is considered to be 35mm or less for a full frame camera.  An ultra-wide angle lens (fisheye lens) can have a field of view up to 180 degrees, and a surveillance device employing such a lens has the potential to produce a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.  Multiple lens elements are used in a wide angle lens for correcting the field of curvature, distortion, and other lens aberrations.  SO specializes in designing and manufacturing wide angle lenses that offer both high resolution and low distortion.  Our fifty-five years of experience in this field has enabled us to manufacture top quality lenses in efficient ways.

Our in-stock M12 wide angle lenses have focal lengths ranging from 1.95 to 2.95mm.  See our catalogue of available options. Please contact us to discuss custom wide angle lens options or for our most current price list.

Wide Angle Low Distortion Lenses

A lens with a larger field of view will generally exhibit a larger amount of barrel distortion if the distortion is not well corrected.  Generally distortion in the order of 2 to 3% is acceptable visually. Wide angle low distortion lenses can be designed with a large depth of field. Wide angle low distortion lenses have historically been used in security applications, where they can provide a clear, one-glance image of an entire room or hall.  They are also a good choice for machine vision and factory automation applications.  Our wide angle low distortion lenses can be used in cameras with image sensor size up to full frame format.  A robotic eye equipped with one of these lenses is able not only to see an entire arena at a glance but also to read details over that area.

Wide Angle Large-aperture Low Distortion Lenses

Sometimes, wide angle lenses not only need to have high resolution but also need to have large aperture and low distortion.  We produce lenses that feature distortion levels of less than 3% and have a maximum aperture up to f/1.2.  They are ideal for imaging and tracking camera applications, where high quality images are required over a large field of view under lower illumination conditions.  Surveillance cameras equipped with one of these lenses are able to capture high quality images at low light conditions.

Wide Angle Large Format F-Mount Lenses

Large format F-mount lenses are suitable for both mid and large format sensors, up to 43.3 mm (35 mm film full frame).  Our wide angle large format lenses with short focal length also feature low distortion and high resolution in a large fields of view.  They have a lockable manual focus and iris, enabling them to be used in high shock and vibration environments.

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