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Shanghai Optics relies on over 60 years of design and manufacturing experience and advanced metrology to provide our customer with world class lens design and manufacturing services. Our engineering team can provide various types of lens design and assembly, covering all aspects of imaging and illumination design, from LED to gas discharge lamp illumination system design, as well as the design of the overall opto-instrument components and customized optical modules.

Lens System Design

Shanghai Optics can customize from deep ultraviolet to the far infrared photography, microscopy, metrology, monitoring, and other customized projection lens design and concept evaluation.

Illumination System Design

Shanghai Optics also has experience in street lights, automotive lighting systems and other various indoor and outdoor lighting systems. We can provide creative design and customized services to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Tools and Software

Our experienced engineers utilize the most advanced tools, such as Zemax ®, CODE V ®, and ASAP ® for modeling and doing simulations including stray light simulation. Our mechanical engineers use SolidWorks ® and Pro / Engineer ® for mechanical design and complex COSMOS ® thermal analysis.

Our Advantages

Shanghai Optics provides performance analysis and system optimization services with DFM input for all of our design work or our customer’s design work. Our engineers can integrate optical, mechanical and electrical designs to create a complete solution for our customers in the most cost-effective ways. Custom optics and lens design are optimized with design for manufacturing input, which often takes advantage of special elements such as aspheric and diffractive optical elements.

From design concepts and individual component preparation to entire module/assembly, SO engineers provide our customers with world class engineering services that are second to none.

The entire global team of Shanghai Optics can help bring your vision to life with our custom lens design solution in either prototyping or volume production.


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