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High Precision Spherical Mirrors

Spherical Mirrors has a plano(flat) back surface and the front is coated with a reflective aluminum material.  These lens are common elements used in many optical system but are ideal in technical OEM visible or IR applications (defense and security, environmental, medical and agriculture technologies.)

Spherical Lenses can be categorized in two types of lenses: concave and convex lens.  Due to the curvature of the lens, each type reflect images in different matters.  

Plano Concave Lens –  

This type of mirror is shaped like a bowl. These lens are ideal for beam expansion, light projections or to increase focal length in different optical systems. (Click here to learn about our Metrology)

Plano Convex Lens –

This type of mirror is shaped like the outside of a bowl.  They have a positive focal length and best be used in either for focusing collimated light or ideal for all-purpose focusing elements.(Click here to learn about our Metrology)

Manufacturing Process

With traditional manufacturing methods, a typical sphere surface can be made with precision of ¼ wave PV or 1/16 wave rms.   With traditional manufacturing, most errors can be found mostly in large spatial features, like the low order Zernike error. By using a computer controlled sub-aperture tool, it can significantly improve the accuracy of the spherical lens but will result in surface roughness and waveness.  In cases where the spherical mirror  has very good PV and RMS  but  poor waveness, they cannot be used in high end optical systems.

The key to a high precision sphere is to combine traditional manufacturing and computer controlled processes without disadvantages.  At the precision of 1/50 or even 1/100 wave, it is no longer just component itself. It is testing method, polishing method, slurry delivery system, machine precision, process control, room environment control, and engineering techniques that can help reach the highest quality of spherical mirrors. 

With 20 years of experience on high precision manufacturing experience, Shanghai Optics can assist you with high precision spherical lens or mirror at the affordable prices. Our consulting services will help you determine the best approach to meet your requirements cost effectively at the planning phase. We can provide one-stop customized manufacturing services for your high precision optics, which including planning, metrology consulting, manufacturing, inspection, and reporting.


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