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Our engineers study every step of manufacturing process at the prototyping stage and do in-depth analysis about the product performance and manufacturing cost when we ramp up to  volume production. We have been taking full advantages of the advanced optical manufacturing equipment and latest testing techniques to help our customers speed up the prototyping and volume production processes.

Our engineering and production teams strictly adhere to ISO 9001 standards. Our engineers, production operators and inspection workers receive regular training to ensure that the entire factory operates strictly under ISO 9001 requirements.Standard manufacturing procedures are rigorously implemented for all the optical products from prototyping to volume production.

Shanghai Optics has mastered the comprehensive production technology for the entire manufacturing process through constantly investing in research and development of new manufacturing technology as well as the discoveries of new materials and auxiliary materials. Shanghai Optics has faced many different design and manufacturing challenges for the last 55 years. The accumulation of knowledge, experience and skills in optical manufacturing help our production team optimize the manufacturing processes and create more effective production plans for fitting customers’ specific needs.

Methodological Process and Improvements

Shanghai Optics is constantly improving the design criteria to make the designs more suitable for mass production applications. We are always increasing our manufacturing capability, improving the technical skills of our production team, and implement new production processes.The continuous introduction of new manufacturing technology and improvements in manufacturing process have helped us increase the production efficiency and reduce the product’s rejection ratio. Shanghai Optics has strive to maintain a rejection ratio of less than 1% for all products over the last 15 years. Our ultimate goal is to bring our customers’ vision to reality in the most cost-effective and timely manner. With 20 years of optical prototype experience,we utilize in-house advanced manufacturing equipment as well as high-end testing and measuring equipment to ensure the task can be completed in a timely manner.

Prototype Capabilities for Mass Production

Shanghai Optics is a leading manufacturer of high-precision optical components in China.We use ultra-high precision optical manufacturing methods to produce up to 400 different types of high precision test plates every year. We have an inventory of over 4000 test plates that allows us to design, manufacture and deliver optical components in a very short period of time.

In recent years, we have been using advanced manufacturing equipment, including single point diamond turning machines and CNC machines and industrial-grade 3D Printers, to produce complicated optical components and mechanical parts and tools. Our in-house capabilities in manufacturing and testing optical components have provided a great convenience for our customers to complete their high-end lens prototypes with aspherical surfaces in a very short period of time.

At the prototyping stage, Shanghai Optics performs meticulous quantitative and qualitative tests for each individual component and assembly.
In order to reduce the production time and cost of optical components for mass production applications, Shanghai Optics utilizes the precision glass molding method in addition to high speed polishers. With the introduction of the high speed super polisher, we are able to produce precision lenses ten times faster than that of traditional polishing methods in large quantities.

Shanghai Optics’ molding machines are specially designed for producing high quality optical components.We use advanced precision molding techniques and different types of glass (Schott, Ohara and CDGM) for producing high quality molded lenses to meet customers’ specific needs.
In general the lead time is 3 to 4 weeks for the lenses in size from 10 to 50mm. We have the capability of producing lenses up to 1000mm in diameter.


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