Beam Expanders

Pre-Engineered Beam Expander: Don’t have a complete design? No problem!

Our Pre-Engineered lenses give our customers the option to choose from a variety of preliminary designs based on what suits their application best. Just tell us your required specifications (dimensions, wavelength range, etc.) and our team of expert engineers will optimize our preliminary designs to meet your exact needs. This will save you the hassle of fully designing a product from scratch and help reduce or eliminate design fees! To learn more, please feel free to contact us at +1 732-321-6915 or info@shanghai-optics.com.

Beam Expander lens is able to change the laser beam diameter and divergence angle of the lens components. Laser beam emitted from the laser has a divergence angle. In laser processing, the laser beam changes the regulation shall prevail straight (parallel) beam focusing mirror can be obtained using a small spot of high power density. In laser ranging, it is necessary to maximize the through Beam Expander to improve the degree of collimation of the laser to get the desired effect of distance measurement; through the Beam Expander in order to change the beam diameter for different optical instruments and equipment; Beam Expanders with spatial filter can be used to make non-symmetric beam distribution into a symmetrical distribution, and to more uniform distribution of light energy.

Optical Characteristics

  • A good collimation of the incident light
  • Multiples of the laser Beam Expander from 1.5 times to 10 times the size range
  • Adjustable Beam Expander to improve the divergence angle of up to 18~32milli-radians degree of laser beam collimation
  • Insignificant energy loss
  • Work in high-power conditions
  • Custom made according to application requirements and design

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