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Rapid Optical Prototype

Rapid Optical Prototype Solutions From Shanghai Optics

Reducing custom optical product life-cycles and delivering true rapid prototyping is critical to the success of devices, instruments, and platforms that rely on optics and imaging. With new technologies being introduced at such lightning speed, decreasing the time it takes to develop prototypes has become a necessity. The faster customers can prototype, the faster a product can get to market. Depending on the customer’s timeline and sourcing requirements, Shanghai Optics different solutions and resources to quickly create solutions and optimize the speed of prototyping for our customers.


Why Shanghai Optics (S.O.)?

Key Features:

  • Diamond turning (SPDT): 1-2 weeks for faster delivery of Optics
  • CNC machining: 1-2 weeks speedy machining for barrels or concept prototypes
  • Proto-molding—rapid prototypes of tooling for prototype molding runs

How S.O. can Reduce Your Lead-time

Key Benefits:

Design for Manufacturing:

Our expert engineering team has many years of manufacturing experience and will help our customers optimize and customize their optical system with in-depth DFM (Design for Manufacturing). Process starting from material selection, geometric dimensioning and detailed tolerance analysis.

Effective Design Solutions:

At prototype stage, Shanghai Optics( S.O.) design experts work with customers closely to find the best way to compromise initial specifications in order to achieve the best result of functionality and cost ratio.

For example, sometimes choosing monochromatic to reduce element count and system complexity at prototype stage can help customer reduce the initial cost and lead-time!

Cost Effective Solutions:

Customers don’t have to break the bank in order to receive rapid prototyping service, with a reasonable expedite charge, sometimes merely 10% of the additional cost,
Shanghai Optics( S.O.) can reduce lead-time of prototyping substantially.


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