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Optical Expertise

Shanghai Optics’ engineers are experts in high resolution, diffraction limited lens systems. We build high precision lens assembly with the help of world class in-house metrology. We ensure lens performance through extensive testing both during manufacturing and after assembly.

  • Over 55+ years of experience in optical design, engineering and assembly.
  • The most cost effective solutions possible
  • Powerful optical and illumination analysis and optimization
  • SO can provide model light sources, mechanical parts, and all optical components
  • Rapid prototyping and fast ramp-up from prototyping to high volume manufacturing
  • Equipped with numerous world-class high-precision measurement instruments
  • Strategically placed sales offices in North America to support clients worldwide

Assembly Facility Overview

Shanghai Optics operates 3 shifts per day in our 24,000 sq. ft optical assembly department including:

  • 100 assembly stations
  • 5 vertical alignment stations with air-bearing rotary tables (opto-alignment)
  • Clean Room with a Laminar Flow Table (Class 100) and an optical isolation table

In order to achieve high precision and efficiency, as well as trouble-free testing, not only do we utilize high-precision assembly tools, but we also have to fully consider the assembly requirements during the course of the optical lens assembly process.

Optical Testing Overview

To achieve and maintain our high quality standard, the following tests will be conducted after the completion of the lens assembly.

  • Double reflection LAS centering
  • TIR value measuring
  • Ensuring the assembly accuracy is 0.5μm
  • Dual band infrared lens interferometer testing
  • The MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) measuring device
  • Temperature cycles
  • Humidity
  • Salt spray test and other environmental tests

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