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We utilize our expertise, optical system design, advanced in-house manufacturing and testing equipment for delivering optical assemblies and services that meet or beyond clients’ expectations.

Our engineers are experts in the optical design, opto mechanical design, and high-resolution, diffraction-limited lens system design. Using the advanced in-house manufacturing equipment and most innovative in-house metrology, we produce high-precision lens assemblies with high quality in very efficient and economic manners. We perform routine check-ups on every lens assembly during the manufacturing and assembling stages. Our seasoned engineers also provide the most valuable DFM (Design for manufacturing) advice and practical advice for our clients.

The combination of our advanced lens manufacturing process and high-reliable measurement system for every process step allows us in an efficient way to deliver high-quality and most affordable lens assembles that our customers need. Whether you’re searching for a global custom lens manufacturer for high-volume lens production or specific design for a particular application, we have you covered. Our design process features custom optical lens assembly  and premium components. With more than 55 years of experience, we make sure our design and production processes are optimized at every step. We provide innovative solutions that customers need seamlessly, affordably and fast.

[Custom Optical Assembly]

A unique in-depth look at our custom optical lens assembly process. The process is delicately handled with care and tested vigorously with our quality control process.

Optical Lens Assembly Facility Overview

Shanghai Optics operates 3 shifts per day in our 24,000 sq. ft optical assembly department including:

  • 100 assembly stations
  • Five vertical alignment stations with air-bearing rotary tables (opto-alignment)
  • Clean rooms with a Laminar Flow Table (Class 100) and an optical isolation table

We produce optical assemblies in an efficient and precise way. There are four steps for producing lens assemblies. We carefully carry out each of the following four phases:

  1. Components manufacturing: There are several methods of producing the optical components. We review customers’ specific needs and select cost-effective ways to produce the components. We inspect all the components and ensure the surface quality and dimension accuracy meet specifications.
  2. Component coating: All components are coated for meeting the coating specifications such as reflectivity or transmission specs.
  3.  Bonding: We choose the correct adhesive to bond the optical elements. We clean the optical elements carefully and use the proper equipment to cement the matching surfaces precisely.
  4. Opto-mechanical assembly: Our optical assembly engineers inspect each component and review the assembly procedure carefully. We use the optimum alignment process to build precision optical assemblies accurately and cost-effectively.

We fully consider customers’ requirements while manufacturing and testing optical assemblies. To achieve high precision and efficiency as well as trouble-free testing, we utilize the high-precision optical benches and advanced in-house testing equipment.

Optical Testing Overview

To achieve and maintain our high-quality standards, we use the ISO 9001 certified process and advanced in-house testing equipment to perform optical quality testing and environmental testing for all optical assemblies. Our in-house quality and environmental testing equipment includes:

  • Shimadzu Spectrometers for testing the transmission or blocking.
  • Instruments for measuring TIR values
  • Zygo interferometers for measuring surface quality
  • Systems for optical centration measurement and alignment with accuracy of 0.5μm
  • Interferometers for dual spectral-band lens testing
  • TriOptics MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) measurement stations
  • Temperature testing chambers
  • Vibration and shock testing equipment
  • Humidity testing chambers
  • Chambers for Salt spray testing and other environmental testing

Each test serves a specific purpose according to your application.

Optical Assemblies

We offer a wide range of high-precision lens designs and lens products including projection lenses,  fisheye lenses, telecentric lenses, objective lenses, UV lenses, IR lenses, etc. We’re the global custom lens manufacturer who can make high-precision lenses with the working wavelength range from UV to visible to far infrared wavelengths. We’re a custom optics supplier that takes partnership and collaboration seriously, which means we’ll work with you from start to finish to find the right solutions.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

Benefits of Custom Design and Assembly

Our engineering team and in-house optical lens assembly capabilities are dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer experiences. When you choose us as your global custom lens manufacturer, you’ll unlock the following benefits:

  • More than 55 years of experience in optical designs, opto-mechanical designs, optical components, and lens assemblies
  • Most cost-effective solutions
  • Powerful tools for optical imaging system and illumination system performance analysis and optimization
  • System Model including opto-mechanical assemblies and electro optical assemblies including opto-electronic components, mechanical parts and optical components
  • Rapid prototyping and fast ramp-up from prototyping to high-volume manufacturing
  • Most valuable design for high manufacturing yield
  • Numerous world-class, high-precision measurement instruments
  • Strategically placed sales offices in North America to support clients worldwide

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