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Why Shanghai Optics (S.O.)?

Reasons Why we are Considered the #1 Optical Manufacturer in the U.S.A.

Throughout over 60 years in service, we strive to make improvements to our quality and efficiency to our customers. We have compiled a list of features and benefits that we chose to be the best reasons why we are considered the best in our industry.
Check out our extensive list of benefits below.


Longest Reputation

S.O. has over 60 years of optical design, Opto-Mechanical assembly and manufacturing experience with a presence in North America (New Jersey/Colorado, USA) for over 20 years.


  • One of the most trusted sources of custom optics for over half a century.
  • Use our many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and project management to be your own optics sourcing department.

design Manufacturer

Original Design Manufacturer

Optical Design and Layout, Mechanical Design, Element Analysis, Optical Film Design, Rapid Prototyping. Our designers use Zemax, AutoCAD, Solidworks and FilmStar & TFCalcThin Film Design software to optimize design and manufacturability.


  • Compared to other companies our competitive design and NRE fees make starting a project significantly more affordable whether you are a start-up or an established company with ideas on a break-thru new product or revision.
  • We create original layout and design using the cutting edge software such as Zemax, AutoCAD and compared to other companies our years of experience allows SO to be both reliable and cost effective.

cost effective solution

Cost Effective Solutions

S.O. provides high quality products and solutions with competitive pricing and second to none customer service.


  • Our customers quickly realize the advantages of our capabilities compared to higher priced competitors while still receiving crucial support from our project management team.
  • Our ability to provide high precision optics and opto-mechanical systems at the best price/performance ratios makes us the perfect partner for companies of all sizes.


Approved Vendor List (AVL)

We can source molded enclosures, special packaging and other special needs with our approved vendors as needed.  We only work with approved vendors who are ISO certified and meets industry standard regulations.


  • We can be your sourcing department for most of your optical components and assemblies so you don’t have to spend extra time, money and resources to self-manage over-seas suppliers


State of the Art Metrology

SO invests significantly in its manufacturing facility and metrology equipment in order to meet the quality demands of our customer’s applications.

In-House Machinery

  • Zygo Verifire Interferometer (measures surface accuracy of plano- or spherical surfaces)
  • TriOptics MTF Station (full optical system characterization & performance specs)
  • Shimadzu Spectrometer (measures transmission and reflection date; spectrum ranges from UV-250nm to Far IR-50um)
  • TriOptics OptiCentric 100 Dual –for testing, alignment and assembly of complex and multi-lens objectives


  • We have state-of-the-art metrology equipment to inspect your optics or lens assembly and provide detailed inspection reportsfor each shipment

vertically intregrated manufacturer

Vertical Integrated Manufacturer

All design and manufacturing (e.g. dicing, grinding, polishing, thin-film coating, CNC machining, diamond turning, active alignment assembly, and inspection) is done in-house so we have full control of each stage starting with the raw materials to the finished products. We have the capacity to easily scale with our customer’s needs whether it be prototypes or volume production.


  • As a true Vertically Integrated Manufacturer, we maintain control on the entire project from incoming inspection of material to every element of the manufacturing process, i.e. dicing, grinding, polishing, coating, active alignment, assembly, quality assurance, and outgoing inspection.
  • Not only with our prototype and volume production abilities, we can also reverse engineer and be the perfect partner from the beginning of any project.



Our shipping terms can provide a competitive and convenient advantage with our domestic customers by shipping FOB, NJ.


  • Seamless and hassle free handling of package and shipping

north america

North America Office Locations

Our sales offices are conveniently located in USA: New Jersey and Colorado to help serve our North American customers with no time zone differences and knowledge sharing – utilizing our expertise and cross-cultural communication.

high volume

High Volume Supplier in Various Industries

  • Medical and bio-research, artificial Intelligence, automotive and autonomous driving, entertainment, virtual reality, research laboratories and universities, defense and security, machine vision and optical metrology, and high power industrial laser OEM.


  • Our experience serving many different industries from medical, defense and consumer products, etc. gives us a tremendous edge in solving design issues which can lead to a significant savings in time as well as investment.


Worry-Free Return Policy

S.O. stands behind our products 100%. If any quality issues arise, we’ll address the issue immediately and provide solutions or deliver replacement parts ASAP.


Turn-Key Solution

We offer full system integration, contract manufacturing services, and support optics manufacturing and optical assembly throughout the product life-cycle.


  • We provide technical support for manufacturing feasibility study, from prototype phase to volume production.
  • In addition to our design and manufacturing capability, we have the ability to produce fully assembled opto-mechanical systems. This is a significant advantage for customers who do not have a completely staffed team of optical engineers and assemblers and expensive clean room facility.

direct for manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing Input

Our expert engineering team has many years of manufacturing experience and will help our customers optimize their optical system with in-depth DFM Input (Design for Manufacturing). Process includes material selection and geometric dimensioning and tolerance analysis (GD&T).


  • As we work through the prototype phase it is only natural for SO to help you with the design, we can add our extensive DFM experience to not only achieve performance but create a design that can be manufactured effectively to maximize your profitability.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO 13485:2016 Certified



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