Microspheres are convenient for coupling light into or out of fibers as well as for relaying images in compact areas. The focal point of a sphere is very close to its surface so the sphere can be placed in contact with the fiber or another sphere for almost perfect coupling. Three different coatings are available. All are single layer MgF2 coatings which have been optimized for the visible range or either of the two diode laser bands. If a coated Microsphere is chosen it will be necessary to maintain the coating axis when in use. This axis is marked with a removable black dot for ease of location.

Factory Standard
 – Contact us for manufacturing limit or custom specifications.

  •  Material: LaSF N9, grade A, fine annealed optical glass
  •  Wavelength: 450–2300 nm, uncoated
  •  Refractive Index: n830 = 1.83098, n1300 = 1.81764, n1550 = 1.81329
  •  Diameter Tolerance:±1 µm
  •  Spherical Tolerance:≤ λ/4 at 587.6 nm
  •  Antireflection Coating: Single-layer MgF2, R ≤0.25% at the coating design wavelength



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