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Custom IR Camera Optical System Consultation with Shanghai Optics

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Recently a client came to us for developing an imaging lens of a new Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) camera. The client had selected a large-format image sensor and was intended to develop a new IR camera with high sensitivity and large Field of View (FOV). The clients could not use the off-the-shelf lenses because of the low image contrast and large vignetting at the large field angle. For client’s application, the camera sensitivity should be high and the image quality should be good across the entire field of view of the LWIR camera.

We worked with the client closely when optimizing the optical parameters. We created the optical specifications and designed the optical system for meeting client’s specific needs. For the LWIR lens, we selected the optical materials with low absorption and also used aspheric elements.The LWIR lens was designed to have an aperture of f/1, FOV of 120 degree and high MTF across the entire camera FOV.

With our help, our client successfully developed the advanced LWIR camera with a large FOV, high image contrast, and high sensitivity.

Optical System Consulting Service

We provide optical consulting services to support our clients’ need in research, new product development, and value engineering projects. Our clients range from start-up to large companies and also including universities.

For real optical instruments, the entire system may include optics, light source, sensor, electronics boards, display device, and/or other components. Every component within the system has contributions to the overall performance of optical instruments. Optical design is the process of studying application requirements and designing optical systems to meet specific needs.

Our engineers have a wide knowledge of opto-electronic components such as optical receivers and light sources, know the system performance limits, in-depth understand manufacturing tolerances and fabrication costs.We understand the effect of each component on the system performance. We provide optical system consulting services to help clients develop new optics for improving the system performance such as image sharpness / image contrast and optical efficiency of optical instruments.

For meeting clients’ specific needs, sometimes we introduce special optical components into the optical systems such as special filter, aspherical lens, diffraction element. In some optical consulting cases, clients knew the application requirements. Clients needed us to create proper optical specifications and design the optical components or assemblieswith considering the system performance and manufacturing cost.

Standard Workflow for Optical System Design

  • Discuss with clients about the applications and desired system performance
  • Study the optical characteristics of opto-electronic components such as light source, detector, image sensor, and etc.
  • Estimate the possible effect of each component on the optical performance of the entire system
  • Work with clients to create optical specificationsfor meeting application requirements
  • Design the optics with considering the manufacturability and cost

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