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Shanghai Optics and ImageMaster® Universal by Trioptics

MTF Testing in the Spectral Range VIS-NIR-SWIR-MWIR-LWIR

Shanghai Optics implemented the ImageMaster® Universal by Trioptics that has been exclusively developed to cover the MTF measurement of a large set of optical parameters over a wide spectral range (IR, and Visible).

With our newly extended IR MTF testing capability, Shanghai Optics is able to conduct complete infrared wavelength MTF measurement in house for all of our custom-made high precision lenses over a wide spectral range.  In most of our custom design lens system scenarios, the MTF exceeds the par based on design/ fabrication criteria. The actual MTF measurement result is solid evidence to our clients that Shanghai Optics can deliver high quality precision lenses meeting their specifications.  Full documentation and modulation transfer function reports can be provided to our clients for analysis upon request.

Beyond basic MTF testing, Shanghai Optics can also deliver various testing reports which are essential for imaging systems, such as distortion, lateral chromatic aberration, longitudinal chromatic aberration etc. Each test is conducted with precise accuracy and reliable repeatability.  Shanghai Optics can offer volume production testing capability using the Trioptics MTF station.

Custom lens testing is available for every client.  Clients will spec out the lens technical parameters, and Shanghai Optics’ experienced optical engineering team will propose and execute the most effective and complete testing solution during product acceptance testing stage.

In addition, we work closely with Trioptics’ software designers and optical engineers, they also play an important role of our technical backup for unique lens system research and development projects.  We are able to tailor make the most suitable and cost-saving testing plan by utilizing all resources available in the Trioptics network, such as custom fixtures, testing accessories, precision reticles etc. to achieve the one-stop testing experience for all of our customers.

Don’t hesitate to discuss your lens system development parameters with one of our professional sales technicians today, let us help you with promising knowledge of image quality and metrology capability.


Key Features

  • Evaluate Image quality for infinite, finite, afocal lens system
  • Capable of measuring the MTF off-axis and on axis
  • Compliant to international standards
  • Perfectly aligned measurement heads
  • Limited collimators to avoid diffraction
  • Original and time saving IR area sensor method
  • Years of experiences and from a high diversity of customers


Use of application

  • On axis and off axis
  • Through Focus MTF
  • Line Spread Function
  • Phase Transfer Function
  • Effective Focal Length
  • FFL/BFL (relative)
  • Distortion
  • Astigmatism
  • Field Curvature


Optical Specifications

Parameter ImageMaster® Universal
Optical set up Finite, infinite or afocal
Max. off-axis angle ± 135
Spectral range UV: 250nm … 400nm
VIS: 400nm … 700nm
NIR: 700nm … 1000nm
SWIR: 1000nm … 1700nm
MWIR: 3µm … 5µm
LWIR: 7µm … 13µm
Azimuth range 360°
Max. image height ± 50mm
Spatial frequency (in specification)
Max. spatial frequency
200 lp/mm in UV
500 lp/mm in VIS / NIR
150 lp/mm in SWIR
100 lp/mm in MWIR
60 lp/mm in LWIR
Accuracy MTF on-axis and off-axis ±0.02MTF on axis
Repeatability ±0.01MTF
EFL Accuracy ±0.2%
Accuracy (without / with encoder)
Repeatability (without / with encoder)

± 0.7% / ± 0.25%
± 0.3% / ± 0.1%
Lateral chromatic aberration

± 0.5 µm
± 0.3 µm
Longitudinal chromatic aberration

± 1 µm
0.2 µm

± 1°
± 0.4°
FFL (relative)

± 2 µm
± 1 µm
± 4 µm
± 1 µm
Field curvature

± 2 µm
± 1 µm



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