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Advancing Dental Diagnostics: Small Objective Lens Case Study

Advancing Dental Diagnostics: Small Objective Lens Case Study

In the domain of medical optics, the small microscope objective lens plays a pivotal role, particularly in oral health diagnostics and research. Shanghai Optics’ innovative small objective lens, coupled with AI assistance, has transformed the landscape of dental examinations. This case study delves into the transformative impact of our lens in dentistry, focusing on its role in enhancing image resolution, precision diagnostics, and advancing oral medicine research.



Shanghai Optics embarked on a groundbreaking project aimed at redefining intramural scanner systems. The project’s objective was to introduce a higher-resolution small objective lens while concurrently reducing the overall volume of the optical system. The lens, boasting a diameter of less than 3mm and an overall length of less than 10mm, was meticulously designed to accommodate an AI-driven three-dimensional model. Achieving this reduction in volume without compromising performance necessitated a delicate balance of various factors. We employed advanced optical design, material selection, and component layout optimization to maintain high performance while downsizing.


Key Strategies:

  • Performance Optimization: We maximized system performance to efficiently utilize space, entailing optimization of optical components and critical elements.
  • Component Integration: Streamlining the integration of optical and electronic elements minimized gaps and enhanced overall system efficiency.
  • Optimized Design: We utilized advanced design tools to efficiently arrange components, prioritizing lightweight materials for optimal strength and stability.

Shanghai Optics’ small objective lens surpassed global competitors by successfully reducing overall volume while preserving performance integrity. The lens’s optimized optical system configuration, coupled with the utilization of superior-quality lens materials, significantly enhanced imaging quality. Users benefited from a larger field of view, higher resolution, and an extended working distance. Our lens not only elevated expertise and reliability in the medical field but also empowered dentistry professionals in high-demand applications.




Shanghai Optics’ small microscope objective lens stands as a testament to innovation in dental healthcare. Its application in dentistry has significantly improved image resolution, precision diagnostics, and oral medicine research. Through meticulous design and optimization, we achieved a remarkable balance between performance and compactness. This case study underscores Our commitment to advancing dental healthcare and oral science through cutting-edge optical solutions.

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