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Case Study: Precision Fisheye Lenses

Shanghai Optics rose to the challenge posed by a scientific research institute seeking precise imaging tools for accurate observations and analysis. This case study showcases Shanghai Optics’s innovative approach in addressing distortion and chromatic aberration issues prevalent in conventional lenses, particularly in fisheye lenses tailored for scientific observation and research.


Lens Layout


Lens Specifications and Performance

Shanghai Optics’s wide spectrum fisheye lens features a focal length of 1.2mm, an F number of 2.8, and a remarkable Field of View of 175°. Noteworthy for its exceptional optical resolution nearing the diffraction limit, Shanghai Optics’s lens sets a new standard for image quality in scientific imaging applications.

Shanghai Optics’s lens maintains F-θ distortion under 2%, ensuring precise acquisition of target position information from the image. This meticulous control guarantees a spot RMS radius smaller than the pixel size within 95% of the field of view, crucial for maintaining image accuracy in scientific observations.

Shanghai Optics’s lens design effectively corrects distortion by adjusting vignetting to counteract aperture aberrations, ensuring high image quality across the entire field of view. This optimization of image uniformity is especially critical in fisheye lenses where distortion and aperture aberrations can compromise image clarity.

Shanghai Optics’s lens excels in controlling chromatic aberration within a range of 0.04mm, surpassing industry standards. Maintaining chromatic aberration dispersion within a pixel range, Shanghai Optics’s design guarantees high-quality images across various wavelengths, preserving the accuracy and clarity of scientific observations.




FFT Surface MTF


Customer Benefits and Satisfaction

Shanghai Optics’s tailored solution addresses the specific challenges faced by the research organization, enabling unparalleled precision in scientific endeavors. By providing lenses with superior performance in distortion and chromatic aberration control, Shanghai Optics empowers customers across scientific research, military, and consumer applications to obtain high-quality images and precise positional information. Customer satisfaction underscores Shanghai Optics’s reputation for superior design capabilities and high-quality products.


Field Curvature and Distortion


Relative Illumination Curve


Longitudinal Aberration


Lateral Color


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