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In collaboration with a prominent security and monitoring organization, Shanghai Optics has introduced a groundbreaking dual-band camera designed to revolutionize surveillance in challenging environments. This article delves into the unique features, tailored solutions, and superior technologies that distinguish this cutting-edge camera from conventional monitoring devices.

Advantages of the Dual-Band Camera:

  • Advanced Algorithms: Multiple algorithms enable the identification of crawling individuals, smoke and fire recognition, animal detection, and automatic alarm triggering, enhancing situational awareness and automated monitoring capabilities.
  • Dual-Channel System: The camera integrates thermal imaging and visible light channels, ensuring 24-hour surveillance. Thermal imaging detects fires and intrusions day and night, while visible light is utilized for daytime evidence collection.

Industrial drone with dual camera

Meeting Customer Requirements:

  • Border and Coastal Monitoring: Crucial for border security and coastal monitoring, the camera’s long-range capabilities, advanced optics, intrusion detection, and target tracking effectively prevent smuggling, illegal immigration, and enemy intrusion.
  • Forest Fire Prevention: The dual-band camera provides automated remote monitoring for forest fire prevention, with intelligent hot spot detection algorithms capable of identifying distant heat sources up to 6,000 meters away. Integration with specialized fire prevention warning platform software enhances features like automatic alarm processing and fire point location calculation.

Specifications and Technologies:

  • Application Effects: The dual-band camera finds extensive application across various sectors, including port and river monitoring, key material monitoring, security of military bases, airport surveillance, oilfield and oil depot security, forest fire prevention, ecological and environmental monitoring, border and coastal defense, urban high-altitude observation, anti-unmanned aerial vehicle applications, and monitoring along highways and railways.
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging: Utilizing a highly sensitive 640×512/384×288 resolution uncooled focal plane imaging detector, the camera ensures finer image quality in adverse weather conditions.
  • Pan-Tilt Mechanism: The heavy-duty CNC pan-tilt allows for 360° continuous rotation without blind spots, ensuring smooth operation and minimal image shake.
  • Advanced Optical Design: Features AS+DOE continuous zoom optical technology, non-uniform image correction, and image detail enhancement for superior image quality.
  • Expandable Features: The camera can be equipped with additional sensors like laser illuminators, rangefinders, BeiDou/GPS, and electronic compasses, enabling multi-functional situational awareness and precise target information acquisition.
  • Intelligent Functions: Supports intrusion detection, target tracking, and hot spot detection with short response times and accurate positioning, enhancing automated monitoring capabilities.
  • Visible Light Camera: Equipped with a full HD color/black and white dual-mode low-light CMOS sensor and a compact long-focus continuous zoom lens, offering excellent performance in various lighting conditions.

Land Defense Monitoring


  • Diverse Application Scenarios: The camera’s adaptability, intelligent algorithms, long-range zoom capabilities, and thermal imaging capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of applications, overcoming limitations associated with conventional cameras.
  • Environmental Interference: Advanced technologies, including MEMS-based thermal imaging sensors and non-uniform image correction, reduce challenges posed by environmental factors, providing consistently clear and accurate images in adverse weather conditions.
  • Day and Night Monitoring: The dual-channel system enables seamless transitions between thermal imaging and visible light modes, ensuring 24-hour surveillance capabilities.

Shanghai Optic’s collaboration has resulted in an exceptional dual-band camera that sets new standards in monitoring and surveillance. Its versatility, advanced technology, and intelligent features make it indispensable for enhancing security and safety across diverse environments. Shanghai Optic remains committed to delivering innovative solutions, pushing the boundaries of surveillance technology to meet the evolving needs of its customers and partners.


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