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High NA Lens: A Microscope Objective Revolution Case Study

High NA Lens: A Microscope Objective Revolution Case Study

In the realm of microscopy, innovation drives progress. Shanghai Optics, a pioneering custom optic company, exemplifies this ethos through its groundbreaking approach to addressing the needs of microscope manufacturers. This case study delves into Shanghai Optics’ collaboration with a leading microscope manufacturer, highlighting their innovative solution for a high Numerical Aperture (NA) long working distance objective.



The client, a prominent microscope manufacturer, sought a tailored solution for a high NA objective with specific requirements: a magnification of 5X, compact design, and compatibility with light-sheet illumination systems for simultaneous use with multiple lenses.



The primary challenge revolved around seamlessly integrating the custom objective with light-sheet illumination systems while maintaining mechanical and optical compatibility with existing imaging objectives. Additionally, the compact size was imperative due to the concurrent operation of multiple lenses.


Strategic Approach

  • Innovative Design: Recognizing the complexity of the task, Shanghai Optics’s engineering teams proposed a novel approach utilizing a Fused Silica chamber filled with liquid, replacing traditional glass blocks. This innovative design aimed to streamline the optimization process for liquid immersion objectives.
  • Practical Implementation: The proposed solution, employing a block of glass behind a Fused Silica window, offered a pragmatic method to meet project objectives. This design facilitated easier adjustments and optimizations, enhancing system adaptability.
  • Comprehensive Project Evaluation: Shanghai Optics initiated the project with a meticulous assessment of the objective’s tolerance in real-world conditions, fostering transparency by sharing this data for independent review.


Achievements and Results

  • Enhanced Versatility: The solution addressed specific client needs, enhancing the objective’s versatility and compatibility with diverse microscopy setups.
  • Compact Design: A key success was the remarkable reduction in product footprint, making Shanghai Optics’ custom objective smaller than competitors’ offerings. This compact design met the client’s requirements for simultaneous use with multiple lenses.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Our innovative approach led to significant cost reductions in the manufacturing process, while maintaining optimal objective performance.

Shanghai Optics’ collaborative and forward-thinking approach not only met the precise challenges posed by the microscope manufacturer but also delivered a cost-effective, compact solution. This case study underscores our commitment to exceeding customer expectations, maintaining excellence in performance, and fostering adaptability in optical solutions.

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