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Precision Optical Design for 3D Imaging

Revolutionizing the World with 3D Imaging

Gone are the days of recording the world in two dimensions. The advent of 3D scanning technology has revolutionized various fields. From designing avatars in popular culture to utilizing LIDAR sensors for autonomous driving, and from controlling robots with real-time environmental observation to enhancing medical diagnostics and treatment planning, 3D imaging is everywhere. Industrial applications rely on 3D scanners for comprehensive product and component inspections, while virtual reality benefits from real-time three-dimensional images to deliver immersive experiences.


Precision in 3D Imaging: The Role of Optical Design

In 3D multi-camera measurement applications, precision is paramount. Machine vision systems require the ability to determine their environment down to the nearest pixel, demanding high repeatability and reliability. Achieving this level of precision necessitates well-designed instrumentation, meticulous calibration, and exceptional pointing accuracy. The foundation of such advanced systems lies in superior optical design.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exemplifies effective optical design in 3D imaging.


Designing for 3D Imaging: Our Process

At Shanghai Optics, we collaborate with clients across industry, medicine, research, and defense to create bespoke components and systems for 3D imaging. Our lens design workflow is streamlined to ensure precision and functionality:

  • Requirement Consolidation: We begin by gathering a detailed list of your specifications and requirements. Since 3D components are never one-size-fits-all, understanding your specific needs is crucial to developing the ideal part for your system.
  • Initial Design Creation: Our team of experts from various fields collaborates to create an initial design that meets the intended purpose. This tentative design lays the groundwork for further refinement.
  • Final Design Development: Incorporating feedback from reviews, we refine the design to meet all requirements and specifications. We employ design for manufacturing principles to ensure practicality and efficiency.
  • Optimization with Appropriate Coatings: We determine the optimal coatings for each component of the system or lens to enhance performance.
  • Manufacturing Tolerances and Quality Assurance: We establish precise manufacturing tolerances and define rigorous quality checks and environmental testing to ensure the piece functions as desired.


Focus on Key Features

When designing lenses for 3D systems, we emphasize features that enable optimal focus, constant f-number operation, excellent pointing accuracy, and consistent magnification. Achieving these goals simplifies future calibration and enhances the accuracy of software analysis.

3D imaging technology is transforming numerous industries, and at Shanghai Optics, we are at the forefront of this revolution. Our meticulous design process ensures that our optical components deliver the precision and reliability needed for advanced 3D imaging applications. Whether for industrial inspection, medical diagnostics, or immersive virtual reality experiences, our custom-designed systems set the standard for excellence in optical design.

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