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Underwater Double-Convex Aspheric Lens Case Study

Underwater Double-Convex Aspheric Lens Case Study

In the realm of optical engineering, the development of double-convex aspheric lenses marks a significant advancement. This case study explores the evolution of an innovative double-convex aspheric lens which is meticulously designed to address the diverse needs of customers, particularly in underwater environments across varying wavelengths. Beginning with a basic version, our objective is to refine the lens’s performance to meet the demands of different light source applications in diverse environmental conditions and wavelengths.

Underwater Double-Convex Aspheric Lens Case Study



The core of this project revolves around crafting an optical system tailored precisely to customer specifications, particularly targeting wavelengths exceeding 500mm, and featuring exceptionally small double-convex aspheric lenses with diameters less than 3mm. To optimize performance, we utilized designs employing materials like N-BK7 or N-SF11, leveraging their unique properties. Notably, our approach diverges from conventional methods by incorporating cost-effective materials such as N-BK7 or N-SF11, leading to a reduction in expenses. Ultimately, we successfully met the customer’s requirements, achieving an underwater focus of less than 10mm.


Manufacturing and Testing

Given the minuscule diameter of the lens (less than 3mm), precision engineering and specialized techniques are imperative. Shanghai Optics has refined the manufacturing process, utilizing techniques including CNC grinding and polishing, precision glass molding, diamond turning, magneto-rheological (MRF) finishing, and plastic injection molding. Our expertise in various manufacturing technologies enables us to meet the unique demands of our customers effectively. Considering the unique context of this project, specifically underwater light emission, Shanghai Optics utilizes specialized equipment and light sources for testing, opting not to apply coatings.

This project highlights a groundbreaking advancement in optical technology through the development of an enhanced double-convex aspheric lens. Despite its challenging manufacturing process, the lens proves to be durable for underwater use, tailored to meet diverse environmental requirements and various wavelength specifications. By deviating from conventional approaches and prioritizing customer needs, we successfully delivered on our commitments, providing lenses with wavelengths exceeding 500mm and featuring exceptionally petite double-convex aspheric lenses (diameters less than 3mm). Shanghai Optics’ dedication to high-precision techniques, including CNC grinding and polishing, glass molding, and advanced testing methodologies, underscores our commitment to excellence in optical engineering.

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