Metallized Mirrors

Shanghai Optics is a custom optics manufacturer with over 55 years of optics manufacturing experience. We produce high precision Metalized Mirrors according to customers’ specifications.

Aluminum has a high reflectance over the entire visible and near infrared spectrum. It is simple to deposit as a thin film, making it the ideal choice for most non-critical applications. The aluminum is over coated with a single layer of MgF2 to make it considerably more durable than bare aluminum.

There are three degrees of flatness: l/4, l/10 and l/20. The l/4 and l/10 mirrors are deposited on BK7 substrates but the l/20 mirrors use synthetic quartz resulting in significantly better thermal stability.
A broad selection of sizes is offered as standard. Other sizes can be supplied on request.  Mirrors up to 1 inch in diameter have a ground rear surface but all other mirrors are polished on the rear face.

Key Features

  • High reflectance over entire visible and NIR spectrum
  • Aluminum overcoated with MgF2 for high durability
  • Ideal for non-critical applications
  • Available with l/4 surface flatness
  • Synthetic quartz and Zerodur available for high thermal stability
  • Standard diameters from 5.0 to 152.4mm

Factory Standard – Contact us for manufacturing limit or custom specifications.

  • Surface flatness: Lambda/4
  • Diameter: +0, -0.2mm
  • Surface quality: 40-20
  • Parallelism: 90% diameter
  • Bevel: 0.2mmx45° typical
  • Laser damage threshold: 0.4J/cm2 for 532nm @10ns pulse (measured)
  • Durability: to MIl-C-675
  • Reflectance: R>88% (350-2000nm)
Metallized Mirrors RoundAll measurements in mm
Part NumberFlatnessDiameter, DDiameter, DThicknessMaterial

Metallized Mirrors, Square & Rectangular

All measurements in mm
Part NumberFlatnessDimensionsThickness, TMaterial
a x ba x b
l/40.39 x 0.5910.0 x 15.05BK7
l/40.50 x 0.5012.7 x 12.73BK7
l/40.79 x 0.7920.0 x 20.05BK7
l/40.98 x 0.9825.0 x 25.05BK7
l/40.98 x 1.3825.0 x 35.05BK7
l/41.18 x 1.1830.0 x 30.05BK7
l/41.57 x 1.5740.0 x 40.06BK7
l/41.57 x 1.9740.0 x 50.08BK7
l/41.97 x 1.9750.0 x 50.08BK7
l/43.94 x 3.94100.0 x 100.015BK7
l/100.39 x 0.3910.0 x 10.03BK7
l/100.39 x 0.5910.0 x 15.05BK7
l/100.50 x 0.5012.7 x 12.73BK7
l/100.59 x 0.5915.0 x 15.03BK7
l/100.79 x 0.7920.0 x 20.05BK7
l/100.98 x 0.9825.0 x 25.05BK7
l/100.98 x 1.3825.0 x 35.05BK7
l/101.18 x 1.1830.0 x 30.05BK7
l/101.57 x 1.9740.0 x 50.08BK7
l/101.97 x 1.9750.0 x 50.08BK7
l/103.94 x 3.94100.0 x 100.015BK7
l/200.98 x 0.9825.0 x 25.06Fused Silica


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