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Custom Dual Amici Prism from Shanghai Optics Used in Single Aperture High Throughput Imaging System for Compressive Spectral Image Fusion

Posted on: Tuesday, June 20th, 2023  In: News & Events

A custom dual Amici prism designed and manufactured by Shanghai Optics has been utilized in a single aperture high throughput imaging system for compressive spectral image fusion.

Below is an excerpt from the article, “Compressive spectral image fusion via a single aperture high throughput imaging system.”

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To test the proposed imaging framework, we built a proof-of-concept optical prototype, shown in Fig. 1c and detailed in Section S2 of the supplementary material, which employs an objective lens (Tamron, 8mm 1.1”) paired with a relay lens (Thorlabs, MAP10100100-A) to image the target scene onto a DMD (Texas Instruments, DLI4130VIS-7XGA) with a micro-mirror size of 13.68μm, that encodes the incoming light. Both imaging arms use 4F-relay systems built using two lenses (Thorlabs, AC254-100-A-ML) to transmit the encoded light through the dispersive elements placed at the Fourier plane. The MS imaging arm employs a dual Amici prism (Shanghai Optics, custom made) with central wavelength 550 nm, whereas the HS arm uses a transmission diffraction grating (Thorlabs, GT50-03, 300 grooves/mm, 17.5 groove angle). Regarding the image sensors, both arms employ equal monochrome sensors (AVT, Stingray F-145B, working at 14 bits) with 1392×1040 pixels and a pixel size of 6.45×6.45μm. To emulate a low-resolution sensor, 2×2 pixel binning was performed in the sensor sitting at the end of the HS arm, thus attaining a 696×520 image sensor with a pixel size of 12.9×12.9μm.

Citation: Rueda-Chacon, H., Rojas, F. & Arguello, H. Compressive spectral image fusion via a single aperture high throughput imaging system. Sci Rep 11, 10311 (2021).


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